Firefall Invites You to Open Beta Testing with Live-Action Teaser (Video)

Red 5 Studios is happy to announce that its multi-year, multi-revamped MMOG is entering its final stages of testing. After a lengthy closed beta phase and various public beta events, the exclusivity of the Founder’s package will come off as previously planned. Starting July 9, players of any interest can quickly and easily access the MMO shooter as part of the final round of testing before the live launch.

Currently, players can get their hands on the final closed beta milestone, the introduction of the eSports Jetball PvP mode and Firefall’s first story-based episode “Blackwater Anomaly.”

Admitedly, Firefall has been focused on discussing its PvP components until recently. Blackwater Anomaly is part of a swing the other way. The new episodic content is designed as a five-person co-op mission pushing players outside the safety of New Eden and into the Melding. The mission is simple, investigate the mysterious goings-on around Blackwater Marsh and why the Chosen are there.

Jetball pits two five-person teams against each other in a gun-based spin on quidditch, hurling or another stick-and-ball based game. Instead of relaying the object into a goal, players are tasked with blasting it there. Oh, and you’re defenseless when carrying the ball.

If you’re still interested in those Founder’s perks, they’ll be available for purchase until July 8.