Marvel Heroes Unveils Star-Spangled Sale (Seasonal Event)

The 10-day Star Spangled Sale in Marvel Heroes is not exactly an event, so much as that sale part mentioned in the title. However, like many retailers from Home Depot to Best Buy, it is a sale specifically created to celebrate Independence Day. And what a movie it is to celebrate.

The recently-release dungeon crawler from Gazillion Entertainment is happen to announce its first ever sale, which will end on July 8. The major items on deep discount are heroes and their costumes, lead by the patriotic Captain America at 50% off. Even Wolverine, the Canadian Weapon X, is coming in at 50% off thanks to the upcoming Canada Day.

The attached screenshot only show a handful of costume discounts. The rest can be found at the official store posting.

But wait, there’s more. Gazillion Entertainment is promoting further character experimentation by reducing Retcon Devices, ie skill point resets, to 150G. Another 50% reduction. The publisher is also teasing players to keep and eye on the in-game store for “new additions, too, including costumes and maybe even new consumables!”