Firefall Unveils New Gameplay Trailer Because Why Not? (Video)

Actually, there’s a completely logical reason. The squad inside Red 5 Studios that produces the Stage 5 content was a little bored during lunch. Okay, fine, that’s far from accurate as well. In actuality, I’m just bitter that the new trailer is to announce that Firefall will be at Gamescom 2013 with the latest content. Bitter because I won’t be able to attend this year.

The new trailer features fresh beats, lotsa jetpacking around, a variety of lush locales and explosions in its two minute run. Oh, there’s happens to be a touch of gunplay in there. Somewhere. You may spot it. If you look really closely.

The Gamescom 2013 trailer does a good job covering all the title’s features, from the core PvP we’ve seen on display for years to Jetball and the battle against the Chosen. Red 5 Studios will focus on that last part, PvE play against the Chosen, in this year’s Gamescom presentation. Details on the latest dynamic events, three new “melding pockets” and the latest milestone will happen alongside Gamescom, which is scheduled for August 21 to 25 in Cologne, Germany.

Hit the jump for two minutes of dance music. I mean the trailer.