Gaming Goals: Do You Have Them?

I’d like to point out that one of the two people have a better setup than the other.

If you’re new to the LoreHound community – shame on you! – you may not be aware that I log into games with explicit purposes. It’s plural because it is never a singular goal. I rarely, if ever, login for shenanigans. You’ll recall from MOBA Monday, Instance Gratification and F2P Friday that I consume, critique or conquer a wide variety of games. It’s partly to serve the community. To be honest, it is mostly to serve my ever-increasing gamer itch. I am interested in all genres. Every modification of them. Any way to diversify a product, business model or genre.

This is why I need goals when logging into a title. Frankly, there are so many games installed on my computer that I need an idea of what I hope to accomplish. Do I have an hour, ten minutes, three hours? That’s part of my decision tree. Am I looking for a story, popcorn entertainment or a way to tickle my intelligence? Again, a major decision factor. Perhaps I’m trying to finish a title on hard, hardcore or realistic difficulty. Or simply hoarding Achievement points. Each are accomplishments I strive for.

All I am saying is that I understand we gamers have multiple reasons to play. I’ve described many of mine. Why do you login every night to World of Warcraft? Why do you play League of Legends multiple times a week? What makes you return to DotA 2 every weekend? Is there a reason that first-person shooters see you for tens of hours a week and you never touch third-person shooters?

Inquiring minds want to know.

While you’re contemplating your conundrum you may want to pop a Wheely to clear your mind.