Tribes: Ascend To Offer Singe Purchase Option Shortly

Hi-Rez Studios announced yesterday that the company is planning to offer a new purchase option for its fast-paced first-person shooter Tribes: Ascend. Breaking from its previous statement of all free-to-play, made after Global Agenda failed to capture an appropriate-sized audience, Tribes: Ascend should be available “in the ballpark of other PC multiplayer shooters.”

The single purchase price point – likely between $30-50 – will award the purchaser with all classes, weapons and perks currently available. Everything besides cosmetic items. VIP Tribes players will receive an additional discount. Should all go according to plan, the new option will be made available this Friday, February 15 with the title’s latest content patch.

Hi-Rez Studios was quick to point out that the game will not change for F2P players. Additional maps will remain free. Essentially, should the grind be too hard and your wallet a little too heavy, you’ve a new option at your disposal.

Let the pay-to-win complaints begin!