Guild Wars 2 Release Date Announced

ArenaNet has finally done it. The company has finally announced the release date for its upcoming subscription-less MMORPG Guild Wars 2. And that date is, wait for it…August 28, 2012! Considering that the true date is a full three months earlier than the previously-expected date of “before Thanksgiving” this gamer is jumping for joy. With the date finally official it is time to begin planning that “sick” day (week) and pack in the extra sleep hours to prepare for a caffeine fueled powerleveling session at the end of August.

Clearly the most exciting news, but the post contained the date for the final Beta Weekend, July 20-22, and a short trailer to get us pumped up, as if we weren’t already.

You can catch the trailer after the jump. Now might be a good time to go pre-order the title.


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