MechWarrior Online Displays Winter Combat & Weather Effects

You’re in a vertical tank sequestered away from the elements in tons of steel and technology. On your routine patrol you locate a large shape with an unusual gate lumbering towards you. Years of training tell you an Atlas is moments away from range. But is it friend or foe? Do you pull the trigger and risk a friendly casualty or defend the millions of dollars of advancement housing your squishy self?

Even with all of the tech on the planet packed into your v-tank, the weather of the Frozen City leaves the destiny to you. Sure, you can flip your visor, but the best you’ll do is watch as a stream of missiles is launched in your direction. Well, there’s always an aftermath kill.

Fire away!

Check out the latest MechWarrior Online trailer featuring combat straight out of Antarctica. And don’t forget to pre-order now to enter the Founder’s Club.