Heavy Metal Machines Reforges Society “Through Metal and Madness.” I’m In!

So much destruction. None of it controlled.

“Explosive vehicular combat” the PR barking email said. It was clicked with suspicion and general lack of interest of most emails coming days before a major convention the likes of Penny Arcade Expo West. Click it I did. I figured the worst that could happen is I waste 30 seconds perusing the contents while sleepily rocking back and forth on the subway. Can’t hurt, right? It ended up going the other way becoming half an ordeal. I was interested, quite interested, which meant attempting to schedule a demo and interview session in a packed schedule for Lorehound and for developer Hoplon Infotainment. One sleepy subway ride officially ruined by productivity. Ugh.

I was passingly interested until this doozy of a line “In a post-­apocalyptic landscape ravaged by its own inhabitants, society has been reforged through metal and madness.” The lore nut shimmied to attention fighting for brain cells with the metal poser that’s existed since he heard Pantera in the early 90s (blame my parents) and the post apocalyptic wanna be expert unlocked by the original Fallout. My mind’s eye drummed up a vision of the masked (blind?) guitarist from Fury Road that shredded far harder than any drummer boy from the Civil War ever dared. What would he do if life depended on his sick licks that spewed fire for the sole purpose of amping up the horde of warboys all around him? “Well”, those three ids said to me, “Why don’t you make an appointment and find out?” That’s what you have after the cut.