Hi-Rez Announces First New Combatant For SMITE – Guan Yu

Hi-Rez Studios announced the first addition to SMITE’s roster since the game entered closed beta testing. Guan Yu, an actual Chinese general that has had his tales so retold as to have lost the truth, will be joining the other gods, deities and demigods as part of the Chinese pantheon soon.

The general is a devastating physical magical melee combatant, highly mobile and difficult to target. Guan Yu’s abilities make full use of his naginata, extending his range beyond standard melee attacks in a flurry of movement.

Hi-Rez Studios has not detailed his specific abilities, a release date or cost, but the company was kind enough to provide stock broll footage for us to drool over. Catch it after the break.

[Update] Guan Yu is available now for 5,500 XP or 200 Gems.