Hi-Rez Studios Introduces Egyptian God of War

Hi-Rez Studios has unveiled the latest deity to join the ranks of SMITE, Anhur – Slayer of Enemies. The son of Ra and brother of Bastest, Anhur is the lion-headed Egyptian God of War. Anhur joins Artemis as a ranged physical character, specializing in assassinations.

Hi-Rez is making use of skillshot combinations giving Anhur the ability to do additional damage with his standard attack when the target is within the Shifting Sands radius. The God of War specializes in takedowns thanks to the Sands’ slowing capabilities, Impale’s potential to stun and Disperse, which enables Anhur to get on top of his target quickly when using a wall or knock them in a desired direction. Desert Fury, the ultimate, basically does a ton of physical damage to anything and everything in range.

Anhur will receive his lore treatment and build breakdown next week. Hit the jump for another awesome reveal trailer. Too bad Bakasura lived!