LoreHound Crier: Week of 8/3 At a Glance

I must apologize to anyone who likes to read these, life seems to be conspiring to prevent me from writing on Fridays. I thought it’d be the easiest day to write, but no! Anything than can possibly go wrong – goes wrong on Fridays. Isn’t that supposed to be limited to Friday the 13th? but I’m here today with a ton of news and information for anyone who missed the week’s happenings.

It’s been a decently busy week here at LoreHound, preparations for Gamescon have begun. So there will be videos to watch in a few weeks, once iTZKooPA has gone and returned, and everything is compiled for viewing. I’m excited, I wish I could go, too! Grab some swag, chat with devs, pop advil like candy to combat the noise … actually the gel coated variety does taste like candy. I used to go to 3 or 4 a year when I lived in NYC, but haven’t since I moved to an area that is dead on the convention front. I just love conventions! Failing being able to go myself, I love watching the interviews. We’ve got some goodies this week, giveaways, rumors, launch date confirmations and the new date for Planetside 2‘s beta. And don’t forget The Secret World is open for anyone to play this weekend! Drop on in and give it a whirl!

  • We’ve all heard the rumors, and now we know they’re true. iTZKooPA confirmed that SWTOR is officially going F2P. It has a very short life, but during that life it’s quite fun. It might be worth revisiting now that it’s free…
  • We had a bit of World of Warcraft news this week. iTZKooPA reported that collectors have something new to play with, as the World of Warcraft mega bloks/have hit the stores. Heartbourne gave us the Mists of Pandaria release date. Mike wondered whether WoW has passed its heyday when he heard WoW subscriptionsdropped by another 1.1 million.
  • I delivered the news that Unleashed, TSW‘s first monthly content patch, has gone live. I also talked about the third addon in my weekly TSW addon spotlight.
  • iTZKooPA delivered the bad news that Planetside 2 fans will have to wait to get their hands on the game. More polishing was needed, so SoE had thebeta delayed. I’ll sneak in its start date: according to Smedley’s twitter, it will begin Monday at 2pm, although he neglected to specify time zone.
  • Mordil gave us the skinny on Star Trek Online‘s celebration of the 25th anniversary for Star Trek: The Next Generation. I remember watching it when it first showed on tv, oof, now I feel old.
  • iTZKooPA discussed the new version of another old goodie; Phantasy Star Online 2 got off to a strong start.
  • Mordil let us all know what he’d do if he designed his own MMORPG. I don’t think anyone would play it, if I designed one. It’d feature xp loss on death and corpse runs.
  • Next month TERA will launch a new expansion. iTZKooPA told us about the Argon Queen.
  • There’s a lot of game types that I love, martial arts being one of them. iTZKooPA told us about the sect associated combat styles in Age of Wulin. This is very much on my list of games I want to play.
  • Randy Denosha delivered the news that Rusty Hearts: Reborn has gone live. New expansions are always so much fun!
  • My copy of the Shadowrun RPG is over a decade old and very much looks it. So I was very curious when iTZKooPA broke the news that Shadowrun Online is on Kickstarter. I wonder how they’ll handle decking?
  • I have no idea what a fusor is, but iTZKooPA said that Tribes:Ascend now has twice as many. Two times anything is always good in an MMO, right?
  • I no longer play LoTRO, but when I did, I collected mounts. It didn’t matter how many I had, I always needed to get every new one as well. Even though I no longer log in, I’ll admit the collector in me celebrated when iTZKooPA told us about the new Lord of the Rings Online warsteeds.
  • One of the things that annoys me more than anything else, is when game developers blame their players for mistakes in game design. Mike discussed a rumor that Bioware did just that.
  • iTZKooPA had a giveaway for the RaiderZ closed beta. Unfortunately, the keys went quickly. But don’t despair if you didn’t get one, he also has news about boss encounters to help pass the time until the servers open for all.
  • If news isn’t enough to pass the time, Mike had another alpha key giveaway for City of Steam. As I’m writing this, there are 10 keys left. Hurry and grab one for a chance to play!
  • iTZKooPA has the details on a new mech for MechWarrior Online; the Atlas. Complete with a video. Check it out!
  • I was lucky enough to get access to Path of Exile, a very fun roguelike, and gave my impression. The game is very much worth a look!
  • Aeria Games launched the website for its upcoming game Dragon Knights Online, and iTZKooPA gave the details on the sorceress, its first revealed class.
  • Like browser games? Mike has a giveaway for Soul of Guardian. Who doesn’t like free stuff to help you get off to a good start?
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