Infinite Crisis Introduces Tanky, Beefcake Joker

The latest addition to the roster of Infinite Crisis is Gaslight Joker, yet another Batman villain. This multiverse character is a hardcore beefcake, capable of absorbing ridiculous amounts of damage. That’s a good attribute to have, as Gaslight Joker loses health each time he uses an ability. His passive replaces it as the character picks up credits.

Playing a bit like Zac of League of Legends fame, Batman’s arch nemesis isn’t a one-trick pony. Gaslight Joker features many support capabilities, including a healing debuff and fear. In addition, the trickster can be built to produce a substantial amount of damage in his own right.

The reveal trailer after the cut markets Gaslight Joker as a high sustain tank. Yet one can easily see that Gaslight Joker can seemingly be built in a variety of ways, depending on need. Now if only I could get in the closed beta to see if my suspicions are correct.