Strategy Browser Game Anno Online Enters Open Beta

It was a long wait for full English support of Anno Online, but the game is now out in the wild. Developed by Ubisoft subsidiary Ubisoft Blue Byte, the hive mind behind The Settlers, Anno Online adopts the title’s original medieval timeframe and maintains the strategy elements Blue Byte fans have come to expect.

This is the first of three browser games Ubisoft announced at Gamescom 2012 to enter the “launch” phase of free-to-play games.

Those of you lucky enough to get into the closed beta testing in late April will have the chance to earn two rewards. That’s on top of a head start, as there was no data wipe. All players can pimp out their city with a unique statue. Players who log in during the first week of open beta will also unlock a premium ship capable of carrying more freight faster.

If perks and a new game aren’t enough Blue Byte has sweetened the deal by detailing the first patch. The advanced Guild System will unlock larger strategic options between 25 other players including the Guild Hall building. Guilds will be added in mid-May.

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