Infinite Crisis Reveals Shazam, Unveils Cyborg

Turbine Entertainment had a busy schedule before the Memorial Day holiday, which I enjoyed immensely as I hope you did. But you’re not hear sheerly for pleasantries. You want the delectable details, succulent stills and vivacious video reveals from Infinite Crisis. The upcoming MOBA is unlocking new champions at a rapid fire pace. True, most of it has been focused on the Batman multiverse but it appears those bounds have been broken.

The most recent unveiling is Cyborg, the fallen athlete known as Victor Stone. Cyborg is best known as the quintessential superhero of DC Comics since the launch of “The New 52” in 2011. In game, he plays the role of a burst power-based ranged character. Each skill augments his hand cannon, unleashing health-based damage, debuffs, AoE damage and stuns, and a personal buff. His ultimate, well, it’s basically a perfectly-itemized shot.

Shazam, a electrified teenager, plays the unusual role of a melee power character with strong initiation and survivability. Those last two are mighty important because Shazam is a mere mortal. The Energy-based character relies on his high restoration to launch his attacks, crowd control, and AoE. Shazam features a two abilities as his third, which players can switch between to restore energy or increase power.

Check out both trailers and new art for Green Lantern after the jump.