Infinite Crisis Unveils Two Lanes: iTZKooPA Reacts with the “Sun is the Worst!”

Hey. Did you know that I am Irish? No? Well, it’s the (unfortunate) truth. This means a few simple things. First, there’s some sort of curse that I need to be worried about. Not exactly sure what that means quite yet. Second, I’ve this unfortunate skin condition of not being able to OH GOD IS THAT NATURAL SUNLIGHT?!

Now that I am back under an umbrella with a built-in T-shirt, Sunblock 5000, and the where with all to hide under every shadow in the immediate vicinity, I can present you with some new, key information on Infinite Crisis. That’d be the news that Turbine Entertainment has developed a new map for the upcoming MOBA. Not that SMITE hasn’t been eloquent with its intentions, but IC is hoping to surprise its competition with Coast City, an all-new gameplay option.

The new, two-lane map features a pair of lanes, turrets, Power Relays for map vision and the infamous Doomsday Device. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer below. If you dare. Wuss.