E3 2013: The Elder Scrolls Online Heading to PS4/Xbox One (Video)

Bethesda Softworks hit gamers with an announcement not nearly as surprising as the Red Wedding. As part of its E3 announcements, Bethesda revealed that its upcoming ‘more like a multiplayer The Elder Scrolls’ RPG is heading to the next-gen consoles in addition to the already-announced PC and Mac clients. The title will be available for all platforms in Spring 2014.

The new trailer showcases the amazing art direction of The Elder Scrolls Online. It’s all eye candy here folks. From environments to NPCs and player characters to the encroaching forces of oblivion. This isn’t a cinematic either. The latest trailer features tons of gameplay and combat from the adventurers attempting to save Tamriel.

Hit the cut for nearly two minutes of pure unadulterated awesome…and some screenshots. Need more TESO? Check out our exclusive interview on the holy trinity and more.