Instance Gratification 14: Maintenance is Over for Warlords of Draenor…?

I'm fighting for this?!
I’m fighting for this?!

Instance Gratification is the return of one of our premiere video outings. Originally featuring the cast of founder bloggers thrashing World of Warcraft dungeons and viewer runs of Dungeon & Dragons Online, the reinvigorated column heads to the realm of the Twitch channel. Come join us every Wednesday for dungeon dives, solo attempts and general loot hoarding in your favorite games.

Blizzard Entertainment put the World of Warcraft servers to task yesterday. The game was fairly stable after the extended maintenance, but authentication servers remained bunked well into prime time for the east coast of these United States of America. I remain well on my way to getting into that retuned level 100 Molten Core eking my way past the level 94 mark on Mr. Solidsagart just recently. The trusty rogue is slumming it back at level 90. Naturally, that means we’ll be running on her holiness later today. It’s unlikely that I will make break that level 95 barrier to head to my first taste of Auchindoun but anything is possible with rested experience and two hours at my disposal.

This may leave the fourteenth edition of Instance Gratification cataloging me collecting weeds, skinning birds (somehow) and repeating last week’s dungeons. That means that if Auchindoun  doesn’t come to pass you’ll be stuck being entertained by my lack of wit, nails-on-a-chalkboard voice, a face for radio and an encyclopedia of knowledge on all things Warcraft a solid three pages deep. That’s inclusive of the copyright page and the introduction. Making matters still worse, #Psylockethecat won’t even be making an appearance! You’ve been warned.

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