Latest MechWarrior Online Patch Births Pretty Baby

Keeping up with its incredibly ambition patching schedule, Piranha Games has pushed the latest content patch to MechWarrior Online servers. Players may be most excited for the new hero mech, Pretty Baby, but there is plenty of additional content and quality of life changes to be excited for.

Gamers will be able to enjoy pre-round screenings of matches, the inclusion of an in-game scoreboard, end of game screen and a Death Screen. Pre-match festivities will also enable the tacticians out there to plan their attacks ahead of the match and later analyze performance and player contributions. Various bug fixes and performance updates are detailed in the February update.

Pretty Baby is an 80 ton lance packing fire radius of 100 degrees on each side and top speeds of 68 MPH. You can get a feel for the destruction this mech can unleash in the official reveal trailer after the cut.