Neverwinter Announces First Closed Beta Session (February 8-10)

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are happy to announce that a large swatch of gamers will finally be able to get their hands on Neverwinter this coming weekend. Initiating the action-oriented MMORPG’s first beta session means the company can finally make good on those that purchased RaiderZ packs for easy access to the latest Dungeons & Dragons-based MMOG.

The beta session begins for everyone on Friday, February 8 and runs for 60 hours until Sunday, February 10. The lengthy window will give “thousands of players” a chance to tackle content up to level 30, three classes (healer, tank and melee DPS), a swath of dungeons like Blackdagger Keep, and large-scale group events. Oh, and the highly-anticipated user-generated content system, the Foundry.

We’ll be celebrating the upcoming beta a little early. Stay tuned to this space and the TwitchTV account to join us in an early access beta session beginning at 3:30 PM EST.

Hit the jump for the third installment in the ‘Siege of Neverwinter’, just released by Cryptic to celebrate the title’s move into beta testing.