Marvel Heroes Welcomes Squirrel Girl, Superior Spidey in v1.4

Gazillion Entertainment has never been shy with its intentions to use the Marvel universe to its fullest. Even way back when the title was first being shown we knew one-off, tier two or lesser known characters would be making their way to Marvel Heroes. The first such character to wield its powers in the dungeon crawler was Rocket Raccoon. Recently, gamers were graced with the unveiling of Lady Deadpool. The just-released v1.4 content patch for Marvel Heroes brings Squirrel Girl and Superior Spidey to the mix.

Doreen Green brings her unique squirrel powers to the roster of superheroes, but don’t let her appearance, or that of her furry friends fool you. She packs enough of a whallop to have a few supervillian notches on her belt. Outside the addition of new unique items, the largest change from game update v1.4 is the redesign to Spider-man.

Full patches notes here, but the exciting Squirrel Girl trailer is after the cut.