City of Steam Shutting Down in November, To Be Reborn

All things point towards not requiring another entry into the Another One Bites The Dust column for City of Steam. Publisher R2Games announced today that the F2P steampunk title will be closing its servers at 2:59 AM EST on November 22, but that isn’t all she wrote.

Yes, the in-game currency of Electrum is no longer available for purchase and yes, the playerbase has plummeted to unsustainable levels. That has lead to developer Mechanist Games negotiating to reclaim the intellectual property. The deal was reportedly months in the making after Mechanist decided it could “improve and self-publish the game.”

The browser-based title will be upgraded during its downtime to better suit player demographics and return with “new content, new features, new systems, massive change to the economy and statistics, new equipment and cosmetics, new quests and an overhaul of most of the level art and main quests.” The statement from the company promised the removal of “some features.”

The title will be relaunched after these changes as City of Steam: Arkadia. When that will be remains unknown as of press. We’ve reached out to Mechanist to determine if progress will be reset for the relaunch.


  1. im a current player on r2, server 2 avenoss. me and my companies issue atm, we lose our characters.were are a top company and some of the top p layers on the server. some have cash into the game.we lose all of this now,IF mechanist does not transfer over our info to the new servers. this i dont think is right.they let r2 run their game into the ground for 5 months and some of us dedicated players stuck around through the worst of the worst, hoping thered be an update. yet now we get slapped with servers shutting down and losing all our stuff.the money we put into the game gone, our top gear gone, our top company gone. UNLESS mechanist steps up and gets the data from r2 servers and transfers it to the new servers.

    please help support me and fellow current players on r2 servers so we dont lose all our current items/characters ingame. heres a video i made regarding the whole issue

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