Navy Field 2 Registration Open, Closed Beta Begins March 27

Can’t wait for to complete its naval strategy title, World of Battleships? Well, Nexon would be pleased if you’d join thousands of others for beta testing of its own entry into the historical strategy/simulation genre. Labeled by the publisher as an MMORTS, Navy Field 2 will begin its closed beta testing on March 27.

Players interested in participating can sign up today. Those selected will be informed on March 21 and can participate from March 27 until April 10. Should you be one of the lucky few you’ll score an exclusive in-game item (that hasn’t been revealed as of press).

Navy Field 2 allows players to amass fleets of untold power, from cruisers to destroyers, created during the naval era of World Wars I & II. Players have over 500 ships to select from spanning a multitude of countries of origin. Admirals will then customize their armada’s weapons, armor, control systems and engines before engaging in massive 32 players vs. 32 players battles.

Behind the cut we’ve a pair of screenshots featuring some sexy steel to whet your appetite.