Neverwinter Plunges into Rothé Valley (Video)

Bravery or stupidity?

Hot on the heels of the final closed beta weekend comes the official reveal of another unique zone for Neverwinter. The action-oriented Forgotten Realms-based MMORPG will plunge players into the base of House Xorlarrin. These nefarious drow are murdering and enslaving all that come across their path in this high-level zone.

The fourth house of Menzoberranzan, House Xorlarrin is aligned with Lolth, Queen of Spiders (seen in Dungeons & Dragons Online). The alignment guarantees night terrors for arachnophobic gamers. Rothe Valley is besieged by masters of magic and arachnid foes loyal to Xorlarrin and the fearsome queen.

If the official reveal after the cut doesn’t get your blood pumping, then be sure to go through the entire screenshot gallery. It’s guaranteed to pump your blood in horror or in anticipation of the April 30 open beta date.

It’s nearly your last chance to grab that Founder’s Pack.