Marvel Heroes Rescinds PAX East 2013 Store Change

Back at PAX East 2013, Marvel Heroes held a panel to reveal a few specifics about their game. Lore Hound brought you the scoop on the release date of May 28 for Founders and June 4 for the average folk. In addition to such pertinent information, Gazillion Entertainment announced a crucial change to the F2P dungeon crawler’s cash shop.

The Founders packs that players were able to purchase specific groups of heroes would be modified at launch. Rather than being able to directly purchase specific heroes and costumes, players would randomly earn them from in-game loot drops. According to Gazillion, the decision has been reversed due to community feedback.

As originally planned, players will be able to snap up their favorite heroes, complete with their favorite costumes – no matter how ridiculous – for nominal fees. The scare of endless grinding for the correct combination has been removed. Even if it has just made life a tad more expensive.

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