Neverwinter Winter Festival of Simril Brings New Activities

The developers of Neverwinter have no shortage of lore to pillage for seasonal events thanks to leveraging the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Cryptic Studios is kicking off its first end of the year holiday events in its action oriented MMORPG starting this coming Thursday, December 19. Running from then until January 9, the events will include new items, collectibles, new activities and a new magical Winter Sled mount.

Geared towards the Winter Solstice and the longest night of the year, the Winter Festival of Simril will offer players festive distractions from the recent additions of Shadowmantle. The area of Twilight Tor will offer players slalom races, ice fishing or clearing the area of frost goblins, ice trolls and rimefire golems. All of these activities will help players collect Lights of Simril and Stars of Fortune to purchase seasonal faire, like Sparkling weapons, winter fashion and rare mounts and companions.

Behind the cut is a screenshot gallery displaying the latest and Cryptic’s latest interactive trailer on Hunter Ranger Powers.