Infinte Crisis Dips Back Into Batman Universe with Robin (Video)

The acrobatic boy wonder Robin has been added as the latest super person to the beta roster of Infinite Crisis. The DC universe based MOBA from Turbine Entertainment will introduce Robin as part of the December 18 patch taking down the servers on Wednesday. As the epitome of (sometimes annoying) support in the extended universe, this Robin is designed to sway team fights in your direction.

It’s certainly getting very Batman universe heavy.

This Robin is the intuitive Tim Drake that was able to deduce the original’s secret identity as the former circus performer Dick Grayson. Upon piecing together the equation, Drake approached Batman to pick up the cowl put down by those before him, including Nightwing himself.

This Robin is a melee support specialist focused on support with high lane sustainability thanks to an energy/will boosting passive. The mark applied by This Guy!, the passive, is fully utilized across Robin’s spectrum of abilities. His ultimate, Emergent Leader, needs no such support as the AoE buff continues on the more this “sidekick” is assaulted.

Beyond the cut you’ll find the full Champion profile, including tips and tricks, build ideas and a swath of fresh screenshots. If you like what you see, sign up for the beta, or purchase a Founder’s Pack to ensure beta access as well as early access to Coast City.