New Expansion Helm’s Deep Coming to Lord of the Rings Online

Turbine Entertainment is certainly keeping itself busy. Launching Riders of Rohan late last year and into early this year, the company followed that up by announcing the DC Universe-based MOBA Infinite Crisis between PAX East and GDC. Today, the developer and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, revealed plans to release Helm’s Deep, a digital expansion for Lord of the Rings Online, during fall 2013.

The expansion will include all the usual for LotRO. The level cap will be raised from 85 to 95, complete with new skills and specializations. Helm’s Deep will unlock a massive amount of new content for all characters level 10 and over and the Westemnet of Rohan will be fully explorable. The epic storyline will continue with the presence of such namesakes as Aragorn, Éowyn, and Éomer.

“With Helm’s Deep, we’re bringing the War of the Ring to players on a monumental scale,” said Kate Paiz, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online, Turbine. “Our team is thrilled to create another iconic moment in Middle-earth, and put players in the center of the action.”

Time will tell if we see the same massive technical updates to the game as we did with RoR. Stay tuned to Lore Hound for all the updates on Helm’s Deep as they’re announced.