Neverwinter Details Your Targets in Helm’s Hold (Video)

Let the confusion begin! Hot on the heels of Turbine Entertainment announcing Helm’s Deep, the latest expansion for Lord of the Rings Online, Perfect World Entertainment unveils further details on Helm’s Hold. The zone, announced for Neverwinter late last year, will feature an assortment of nasty demons, deformed victims of the Spellplague and the devil worshipping followers of Rohini.

Be forewarned, Helm’s Hold is anything but safe. Adventurers of the action-oriented MMORPG will run into foul creatures of varying ferocity and size, including Rohini’s charmed pet dragon Chartilifax.

Players looking to see exactly what separates a Deep from a Hold can check out the Helm’s Hold lore trailer and monster trailers after the cut. More into static pixelated goodness? There’s a gallery of your upcoming fearsome opponents after the cut as well. The media is guaranteed get you ready for the April 30 open beta launch date. It’s nearly your last chance to grab that Founder’s Pack.