New MOBA Chaos Heroes Online Closed Beta Begins (Giveaway)

Chaos Heroes Online - free Closed Beta skinsAeria Games is getting into the mutliplayer online battle arena full force with this week’s launch of Chaos Heroes Online. Stemming from a universe ten years in the making Chaos Heroes Online feature a wide swath of heroes with their own unique ways to turn the tides of battle at any point in a match. Sophisticated skins are an Aeria staple, but CHO does more than the normal. Developer NeoAct is catering to the hardcore MOBA audience.

Chaos Heroes Online hopes to diversify its offer from the pack with unique twists, such as a fifty minute match time limit – something this blogger has never encountered in a MOBA – and new map mechanics. In addition, the ability to to re-equip one’s hero during battle should open up more fluid tactics and strategy as a match matures.

Aeria and NeoAct are offering limited edition skins to those that sign up for closed beta testing now. If you’re looking for full early access there’s a purchase option for that, a Founder’s Pack, complete with more skins, extra beta keys to pass out and soft currency.

Hit the jump for you first screenshots, gameplay, a historical look at the MOBA genre and what NeoAct hopes to bring to the table. And don’t forget to snag a beta key (while supplies last) by heading to the Beta & Item Keys Giveaway section on the right! If you miss your opportunity stay tuned to our Twitch channel for Chaos Heroes Online during MOBA Mondays or F2P Fridays.