The Siege of Neverwinter is Nearly Upon Us! (Event)

NW_Screenshot_Siege_090914_jpeg02_wmThe Season of Dragons is in full invasion mode. Following their introduction into Neverwinter the tyranny continues. Beginning September 18, players will be tasked with repelling the winged forces in all new challenges. Their fearsome introduction in mid August was only the first encroachment. Cryptic Studios will unleash the Siege of Neverwinter upon Protector’s Enclave starting September 18.

No longer a safe zone for all, the area around Protector’s Enclave is being encircled by the Cult of Dragons. Sergeant Knox is calling upon adventurers to deal with the scourge before they can reach the citizens behind the city walls. Adventurers must join the Siege Battlefield to man arms against the new foes, overcome two new Heroic encounters featuring enemies with new combat techniques and learn a new trade to arm those around them with defensive supplies.

This event currently appears to be one of those rare single occurrences in gamedom. Like the opening of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj, it’s something any player of the title should do their utmost to participate in. This blogger will be traveling during the majority of the week-long window, but will be aiding in the invasion, counterattack and dragon attack as best as he can. And don’t forget last week’s exclusive interview with lead designer Chris Matz.

Hit the jump for tons of teaser media on the upcoming Siege of Neverwinter and an all-new Tyranny of Neverwinter infographic!