NYCC: Turning Steel Deathmachines into Art

world-of-tanks-preview-1-interview-nyccWargaming has recruited Dark Horse Comics in their most recent move to stay at the top of the MMO pile.  Your favorite tank-centric game is now a comic book!  As of August 31, Wargaming’s World of Tanks has been adapted to the pages of comic lore!  Dark Horse is leading the charge of video games gone comic book with such titles as “Tomb Raider”, “Mass Effect”, “Halo”, and of course – WoT!  I sat down with the Alex Brewer, the PR Manager for the endeavor as well as Alex Hart, the artist behind the killer variant cover for the first issue!  As I have a love of comics and gaming – these crossovers are fantastic.  I really enjoy delving more into some of the stories I know as games, and it looks like Darkhorse is set to take some familiar IP’s to new levels of lore!  With well developed, likable characters, WoT is set to deliver a great read while backing up the game and adding a new level of personality to the tanks we love to destroy!

Antilles spent some time with Alex Brewer, the PR Manager for Wargaming and Alex Hart, the artist of the World of Tanks #1 variant cover.  They talk adapting a notable MMO to a comic format, crossovers between the two, and story lines moving forward!  When Wargaming and Darkhorse get together, you know it’s going to be golden!