PAX East 2015: Guild Wars 2 Reddit Community Gets Their Questions Answered (Interview)

lh_pax_east_guild_wars_2_Heart-of-ThornsFresh off the PAX South announcement of  Heart of Thorns ArenaNet offered the Lore Hound crew an opportunity for an old-school text-based interview. The team instantly began tossing ideas and leveraging our best Guild Wars 2 experts, which is most assuredly not me. Partially because of my lack of follow through I felt the need to reach out to the larger, far more dedicated GW2 community for assistance in formulating questions and inquiries. After all the first expansion was announced with numerous unanswered questions lingering. Boy, oh, boy did they ever humble the hell out of this blogger.

In a scant few days we blasted past 100 comments. Numerous users responded to others with new information or dug up old details to address the original query. As the editor and person responsible for delivering the question to the developer I condensed and pruned the massive list, ran it by our expert and delivered to the team. They were taken aback, quickly asking for more time due to the depth of some of these questions.

Ultimately, a few more days and some mulling over internally lead to ArenaNet opting to delay the response until PAX East. Where we’d be able to sit down for an extensive live demo of Heart of Thorns before standing up with live developers to query them on the remaining lines of questioning. Check out the worthy questions and answers fielded by Isaiah Cartwright and Matt Wuerffel after the cut.

Don’t forget to watch our full behind-the-scenes demo!