PAX East 2015: MOBAs on Mobile Equals Vainglory

CelesteSplash_finalSuper Evil Megacorp launched Vainglory into the wild in late 2014. November to be exact. An odd ability in this world of alphas, closed betas and open betas. We here at Lore Hound didn’t get a taste for the company’s flavor of mobile design until a few months ago during PAX South. We, like many of you, had our reservations. Mainly, for me, the control scheme. As petty as it may sound I’ve always despised putting my hand in front of my field of vision. While that does happen in Vainglory its inconsequential in the grand scheme.

We caught up with two members of the C-suite that makes up SUM for a short interview to catch us up on the state of the game. The short interview was expanded into a long, marathon session of a casual chat on the title’s current place in MOBAdom – yeah, we just coined that – its future and, as you’re likely well aware, what they believe with a deep passion is the upcoming future of the genre they’ve put blood, sweat and tears into.

If you’re looking for details on upcoming heroes, the way they work in the lore of the universe and the community that you’re apart of, or at certainly should give an opportunity, then this is the interview for you.