PAX East 2015: What Infinite Crisis Learned When it Went Dark (Interview)

Batman_PirateIn mid July of 2014 Turbine Entertainment, the developer behind super hero themed MOBA Infinite Crisis, took a mighty turn. Looking at the horizon of its upcoming title it feared that Infinite Crisis wasn’t unique enough. It wasn’t offering gamers a diverse experience. Something clever, intuitive or simply far better done than what was currently available or hitting the market soon. Rather than cancel a title far in development, like some others have done, Creative Director Cardell Kerr and Co. returned to the design board.

Previous notions, discussions and reveals went out the window.

Development wasn’t stopped but we’re sure there were an incredible amount of meetings. Meetings to have meetings about meeting goals, aspirations and community expectations. So many meetings must have been had that the room’s carpet needed to be changed. “What those meetings covered, and what was settled upon” you ask? Well, that’s the line of questioning we went with when we had the opportunity to speak with Cardell Kerr, again, at PAX East 2015.

Kerr didn’t shy away from the oft-difficult answers. See the entire interview and what to expect from next week’s Steam release of Infinite Crisis after the cut.