PAX East: Marooners Won a Local Global Game Jam On Purpose


Analytics isn’t strictly for Major League Baseball. Nope. The fine folks at M2H Games applied the idea of Sabermetrics to game development to come up with a sure-fire contender to the Global Game Jam. The company devised a winning strategy by analyzing previous finalists and winners. It wasn’t as crazy as determining slugging percentage or whatever the hell WAR theoretically represents. Nope. The team realized that couch co-op games routinely perform well. I doubt Mike Hergaarden and Co. worried about being statistically significant, but our short time with Marooners was  met with high decibel levels, jeers and blank faces of concentration.

It’s not often that a small booth on the fringes of the massive show floor pull attention away from million dollar booths. It’s not often that a small booth clogs the supposed lanes of human travel requiring a dedicated pair of Enforcers to scream at lollygaggers. It’s not often that you win a local Global Game Jam as Marooners has. Learn about the title’s inception and it’s future from studio tall man Mike Hergaarden and iTZKooPA as the rest of the PAX East crew manages the on-screen action.

Note: This post was updated to clarify that Marooners won a local, friendly Global Game Jam. There is no global competition.