PAX Prime 2013 Exclusive: First Look at EverQuest Next (Video)

Earlier this year, Sony Online Entertainment announced EverQuest Next, the latest expansion to the growing EverQuest brand. EverQuest Next, like WildStar and Star Wars: The Old Republic, is positioning its value to gamers as focusing on a set of pillars. In this case, between three and four. Senior Producer Terry Michaels discusses these pillars in Lore Hound’s first look at EverQuest Next.

The interview includes discusses permanent change, including the controversial topic of being able to miss content, multiclassing for enhanced customization and a destructible world possible from advanced artificial intelligent delivered to the world itself.

Michaels discusses lofty goals, such as “The kobolds will pick up and move to somewhere else in the world.” We can’t wait to see how SOE will handle player antagonism, such as holding servers hostage or destroying the world’s ecology and economy.

We Lore Hounds can’t wait to see how the persistent dynamically changing world pans out in winter 2013.

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