PAX Prime 2013 Exclusive: WildStar’s Hardcore Slant & Dark Humor (Video)

We’ve been covering WildStar for quite some time here at Lore Hound. From the odd revelation of Twitter-sized quest text to the final two races and interesting business model selection we’ve kept a close eye. The game is slowly approaching its early 2014 release date forcing developer Carbine Studios to begin pinning down its feature set with hard numbers and laying out gamer expectations before us.

At PAX Prime 2013, the company showcased some early content, including the Chua starting zone, and detailed what to expect from dungeons and raids. Design Producer Stephan Frost unleashed a horde of details surrounding PvE content. If you have a pulse, the general quests are for you because, according to Frost, despite the clear indicators of incoming damage, the difficulty really ramps up when you move towards instanced dungeons and raids.

In our exclusive interview Frost elaborates on the company’s definition of hardcore, how the Chua came to fruition as “angry squirrels,” the stopgap material of ‘Adventures’ and exactly how much of that instance combat we can expect at launch. Whenever that may be.

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