PAX Prime 2013: Guilds Wars 2 the Future of Living World, WvW & PvP Details

Play that old Guild Wars model MMORPG known as Guild Wars 2? Wondering what developer NCSoft has up its sleeve for the western audience in the near future? You know, before the game explodes onto the Asian territories? Well, if you’re truly, honestly that interested then you’ll want to check out the three videos beyond the cut.

The first is a taste of the Living World with game director Colin Johanson. That’s followed up by a few packed moments of World vs. World discussion with game designer Devon Carver. Naturally, we don’t let John Corpening skirt his PvP duties before we were shooed out the door.

So yeah, I don’t think you really should be looking for any more incentive to check out the videos. But if you are…too bad! You’ll just be happy to know that they are split up in the specific sections since we know that not everyone in interested in every aspect that ArenaNet offers.


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