PAX Prime 2014: World of Warships Balances Simulation & Action Combat (Video)

WoWS_Keyart_Id_Block_EngHere’s your motivation: your a giant, thousand plus manned metallic behemoth that somehow, potentially defying the very laws of physics, manages to float on water. Guns of unimaginable power swivels around your deck with the smoothness of a pig in slop. Other similarly designed vessels are cutting through the water simultaneously launching planes bent on your destruction. Defend this island cluster, stay alive and help your allied ships create a few new reefs.

Like World of Tanks and World of Warplanes before it, World of Warships is taking’s philosophic design of historical simulation and accuracy and looking to blend it with action combat. Featuring the destructive forces of numerous navies, even those with little real-world power, Warships is shaping up to make a splash in the combative trilogy of Wargaming’s portfolio.

Associate Producer Chris Scott details the difficulty of balancing the company’s desire for historical accuracy and fun gameplay, conceits made, new mechanics required by running an entire ship and plenty more in our exclusive interview.


  1. I wanted a World of Warships key soooo much and missed it by minutes :(

    Is there going to be any more keys coming up?

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