Put Your Peepers on The First 20 Minutes of The Elder Scrolls Online

Our exclusive interview on The Elder Scrolls Online not deliver enough details on the highly-anticipated core MMORPG coming from ZeniMax Online for you? Well, the folks at The Escapist tracked down the first twenty minutes of leaked gameplay.

The footage kicks off at the character creation screen that offers a wide range of customization options. It also displays nine (current) playable races and only three classes. It then dives into the clearly beta gameplay. Plopping gamers on a ship without rhyme, reason or much explanation. Then you’re off on FedEx and Kill 10 Rats quests.

The actual gameplay is quite similar to everything experienced at recent trade shows and discussed in our interview. Right down to the opening scenario. That is, you’re effectively playing a multiplayer-based Skyrim, that, at times, can feel very lonely to your experienced MMOG player.

The original video was pulled from YouTube over the weekend. Nothing disappears on the Internet. The full 20 minutes was quickly rehosted over at Riot Pixels. There’s no embed code that I can see, so you’ll have to view it the old-fashioned way.