Neverwinter’s Final Closed Beta Session to be Great (Weapon Fighter)!

Cryptic Studios announced that there’d be one final closed beta session for Neverwinter as a thanks to all of the current testers. In some way, that’s true, as Jack Emmert said it was in the works during a recent video interview. But the message seems confused. Just days ahead of today beginning the final push and gamers are informed that there’s more work to be test!

How dare Cryptic Studios force early adopters to test the brand-spanking-new Power distribution system. Or the oft-talked-about, barely-played Great Weapon Fighter. Who’d want to guinea pig the Professions system? Test new content during the award weekend?! The audacity. The horror!

Why, I’ll show them. I’m going to finish patching this free-to-play action-oriented MMORPG and play the crap out it. That’ll show ‘em. Right?

Purchasing a Neverwinter Founder’s pack will guarantee immediate closed beta access, including this weekend’s beta. Neverwinter heads to open beta on April 30.