RaiderZ Gets Original with Holiday Festivities (Seasonal Event)

Palette swap, but still uber cute.

Released just before Thanksgiving, RaiderZ didn’t hit have too much on hand for that holiday. Hardly more than its Halloween offering, an MMOG season staple. It’s follow-up for Thanksgiving wasn’t all that much more inventive, leaving much to be desired. With a few months under its belt, tweaks and patches out the door and a more solidified community MAIET Entertainment and Perfect World Entertainment have put together the best seasonal event for the fledgling community.

From yesterday, December 12, 2012 until January 2, 2013, players can partake in a variety of winter festivities around Rendel. Challenges and monster hunting are just some of the tasks, each with special rewards. Seeing as RaiderZ is a F2P game based on item shop transactions, you better believe there are some frivolous items for sale!

Players can obtain a smattering of season rewards, including two new mounts, Winker and Ruker. Monster kills may award Christmas Cards, craftable to earn a Sock Package full of other goodies. The costumes and monster-slaying perks are subsidized by three festive mobs, Thief Santa, invading Snowmen and the terrible Ice Queen threatening Ingen.

Hit the jump for screenshots teasing the unnamed seasonal event.