NCSoft Playing at Business, Rejiggering US & EU Operations

NCsoft hasn’t had a great run in 2012. Outside of the success of Guild Wars 2, it’s more of a challenge to find positive news from the company. Of course, that could be due to the overwhelmingly David vs. Goliath storyline of the #SaveCOH campaign and a round of layoffs due to “realignment.” According to Reuters, the realignment is continuing in a somewhat unusual fashion.

Rather than restructure internally, NCsoft is preparing to sell its entire 809 million shares of NC Interactive Inc., the Austin, TX-based studio that has primarily run western operations, on December 24. With the money from the sale the company will establish a new subsidiary to maintain operations for the US and EU. The currently unnamed entity will be seeded with roughly $47 million.

The sale and reinitialization is drastic, especially if it eliminates current jobs. NCsoft may simply be moving its operational headquarters closer to its development studios on the in California and Washington.

We’ll have more as it comes.


  1. You do realize that there’s multiple writing publications that generally all get the same info from the same source, right? Unless we 100% directly plagiarize from Massively, don’t assume.

  2. Not assuming. Massively was tipped and published this first. No one’s saying you plagiarized as clearly the article was rewritten, but it’s common courtesy to add a link to the site where you got the info. Unless of course you read Reuters financial reports every morning and stumbled upon it yourself, lol.

  3. Actually, as someone who’s very interested in the stock market, I DO read reports all the time. As you can imagine, game companies are always my first look.

    We link to Massively (and others) all the time when our information comes from them. We’ve posted items before them on numerous occasions. Good chance they got it from a separate source as well even though we “beat” them.

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