RaiderZ Interview: Combat, Monster Hunting, Classes and Beta

We have a new interview with Raiderz Executive Producer, Mark Hill, as he talks to iTZKooPA about Perfect World Entertainments newest free-to-play MMORPG, Raiderz. The guys cover a lot of different subjects including the games action-combat, monster hunting, the item shop and much more.

We learn that monsters can drop items that are “infused” with different skill sets, allowing players to inherit skills of different class types. For examples, a Mage can pick up a two-handed axe and their skill bar will change allowing them to not only use the axe, but they receive a whole new set of abilities to go along with it for as long as that axe is equipped.

Raiderz uses a classless system, where players are not tied into any one specific class. The system is based on four basic classes, healer, ranged DPS, tank and melee, but once the player hits level 10, they are able to put skill points in any of the four classes allowing to create hybrid classes.

Mark revealed that closed beta is scheduled for sometime in either May or June, with open beta following in the third quarter.