RaiderZ Joins Halloween Festivities (October 22-November 20)

It’s not officially in open beta until tomorrow, October 24, but RaiderZ kicked off its Halloween-inspired event with the early access play that began yesterday. The monsters of Rendel have taken up the spirit, hoarding fistfuls of Halloween Candy. And someone’s been decorating the countryside with Festival Pumpkins, perhaps the most uninspired carved pumpkins these peepers have ever seen.

At any rate, most kills will result in a drop of varying amounts of Halloween Candy. The Festival Pumpkins can be found all over and are easily looted with no blood spilled. Both items are required for various Halloween items including edibles, wearables, rideables and transformation(ables?). If you’re not one to play their luck for the Halloween-themed costume items, they can be purchased from the cash shop. Purchased items are permanent.

Players have to head to Ingen, the second major zone, to turn in their items to Franky and the Pumpkin Fairy for prizes.

A rather long, yet uninspired, event, the rest of the themed loot will disappear on November 20, 2012. I don’t even think they bothered to create a title for the event…