RaiderZ: When F2P Fails

That's a $12 respec.

I have always been thrifty. Someone that is weary of getting nickel and dimed or outright screwed over by large companies. As such, I was very cautious of early free-to-play titles. Especially when the title happened to be an import from the East, where the game design of pay-to-win is acceptable. Pay-to-win has dwindled but renting needed content, such as bag space or mounts remained for a while. Because of that I began a column called “The Price of F2P.” I’ve resurrected it for Lore Hound on occasion when I felt compelled and, sadly, I’m tempted to do it for RaiderZ.

I purchased the Founder’s pack to support MAIET Entertainment and Perfect World Entertainment’s investment in a title based on a collection of unique boss fights. It’s a design I have discussed was all I needed in a game, so I felt compelled to put my money where my mouth – so to speak – is. I’ve already supported the title’s development and it technically hasn’t even been released yet. And, to a small extent, I’m starting to feel a bit of buyer’s remorse.

Hit the jump to read what’s making me so annoyed with my initial live play session of RaiderZ.

During my stream session of the open beta I began to level quickly. Upon being prompted to slot a few skill points I was informed that the decision was permanent. Worried about pulling a Dungeon & Dragons Online and trashing a character I ran a quick Google search. Turns out, it wasn’t kidding. Past level 15 you cannot reset character skills unless an item is purchased from the cash shop. For me, this now means I need to spend most of my career leveling as a healer or be forced to pay cash money down the road.

Bottomline: The ability to respec a character should not cost real-world money, especially given the routine balance changes and situational issues games of this ilk have. Get your financial support by other means, content, boosts, or cosmetic items.

It’s clearly early in the life of RaiderZ, but this issue has definitely caused me some ill will. I don’t believe there is any reason to fear being nickeled and dimed by RaiderZ in the long run, but I am going to look at their cash shop and business model a little closer. Stay tuned for the follow-up article.


  1. I am not surprised that RaiderZ will turn into P2W because every game from Perfect World are mostly for buyers or pay to play players even if the titles are been stated as “F2P”. It’s merely an illusion to make get into the game and realize that the game is mostly focused on pay to play.

  2. Oh come on seriously. Ok yes that does suck but its really not that big of a deal. Diablo 2 did the same thing except it was free. If you messed up a talent that was it, you messed up and there was no fixing it. The only way to fix it was to play a new character and build it differently.

    I really dont have an issue with this.

  3. Diablo 2 was 12 years ago and as you mention, it wasn’t available. That’s different than not making it available unless you pay a high amount. Having to respec your character has become an expected norm in this genre. Having to pony up for it after already being a Founding members seems absurd.

  4. I’m not sure that PW make this game p2win, I dont wanna think this…but in the case that he make the game for buyers I quit…

    I only expect political system, or more PVP =(, I’m 34 in the OBT but I think that the game is so easy…I need more!

  5. Oh come on. It’s a PW game. PW stands for Pay-2-Win, always has. It’s not a question of ‘if’ they make it, it’s only a question of ‘how soon’. Perfect World itself, Forsaken World, Champions Online, Star Trek Online.. every PW title will end up a lockbox theme park in the end. The best stuff will be gained through cash shop, and the absolute top gear through real money gambling (from lockboxes with cash shop keys).

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