RaiderZ: Welcome to the Beautiful, Snowy Mt. Eda

The Open Beta phase for Perfect World Entertainment’s upcoming monster hunter RaiderZ is slowly approaching. October 24 can’t come soon enough, but PWE and developer MAIET Entertainment are keeping players at bay with plenty of game features, pre-order deals, interviews and zone introductions. The latest zone introduction is the formerly peaceful and majestic Mt. Eda.

Now a realm of giant ogres and trolls, the heroes of Rendel are constantly at threat from beasts and players, thanks to the PvP dueling system in the zone. Monster hunters are drawn to the area for a shot at the Mad Yeti, who patrols the valley. Other bosses include a giant beetle and the force of the Makot clan.

Stay tuned for more on RaiderZ as we ever so slowly approach open beta. Can’t wait. Hit the jump for the official zone introduction and a gallery of screenshots from Mt. Eda.