Romulans Force UI Changes in Star Trek Online [Updated with Pre-order Pricing]

[Update] Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment have released details on the Legacy of Romulus pre-order options. $124.99 or $19.99. Pick your poison.

The introduction of the anti-Vulcan Romulan faction to Star Trek Online shook up the game last November. The update included new Borg, the beginning of new itemization for endgame content, the addition of Vesta-class starships and new modes of progression. But it wasn’t called New Romulus for no reason. The patch highlighted the faction, including a new planet for them, and continued the storyline of their previous home world’s destruction.

Changes indeed. Now there’s another one to be tied in with the release of the third faction. The latest Dev Blog reveals that the user interface for Star Trek Online will become more customizable with the release of Legacy of Romulus. To that point, it’ll be up to snuff with what gamers have come to expect from Cryptic Studios, near full customization as seen in Neverwinter and Champions Online.

Interchangeable color schemes, situationally aware and immersive overlays, a new Red Alert mode and an overall “flatter” style are all ready to be testing on the Tribble test servers. Hit the jump for the full gallery of UI changes.