FireFall Heading to Open Beta This July

Yeah, FireFall will be heading to just open beta testing this July. July 9, 2013 to be exact. The game has had the closed beta testing tag applied to it for over a year after Red 5 Studios has gone through three major progression revamps, from dropping levels to eradicating branching battleframe progression. After over a year of closed community feedback and a few Chosen weekends of open beta testing, the firm has applied dozens of changes based upon their suggestions. The company finally feels confident that the open-world MMO shooter is ready for the big time. In just under three months time.

Obviously, the new tag won’t stop Red 5 Studios from continuing development. In the interim the company will continue to hit major milestones in May and June. Many focus on PvE elements.

Upcoming features include:

  • City Power Levels: offering players bonuses for aiding in localized missions.

  • Melding Exploration: Unlocked by increasing City Power Levels, players will be able to explore the Melding via special dropships.

  • Chosen Instances: Strengthening the open world environment will unlock these instanced dungeons.

  • Crafting & Progression: Crafting system alterations and ever-improved UIs for the new Battleframe progression system.

For those thinking of joining closed beta testing now via invite or by becoming a Founder, don’t forget that James Macauley already promised an end to character wipes in 2012. Check out the Open Beta FAQ for all the details.