Sandbox F2P MMOG Gameglobe Now In Open Beta

One of the most original games that Lore Hound came across this year is a tag-team effort from browser-based free-to-play experts BigPoint and RPG juggernaut Square-Enix. Gameglobe, a massive sandbox game player through your browser, has kicked off its Open Beta phase, inviting all interested parties to join the platformer/puzzler/builder/whatever you can think of next.

The major innovation in Gameglobe is the development tools from Hapti. Intuitive, easy-to-use and a snap to access, everything from the User Interface to actual creation is highly streamlined and instantly responsive. Of course, creation is only useful when there’s an audience to view it. That’s where the immense social system comes in, rewarding creators for well-reviewed work and players for reviewing. It’s system that should easily push the most engaging levels like DYSTROPIA and A MINER PROBLEM to the top, while letting poorly executed ideas remain unpopular.

Oh, and those level links up there, that’s all you need to click to begin playing. It’s that easy. Be sure to hit the jump for our full interview with Chief Games Officer Khaled Helioui. If that doesn’t get you interested, nothing will.